Same as Yuasa 3DH4-0L4 BA-3/4000DHB 3 Cell Emergency Battery stick 3.6v 4.0ah Ni-Cd

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3 Cell battery pack  
Model : Like  a 3DH4-0L4 Leads no amp connector  B003
Voltage : 3.6v
Capacity : 4.0ah
Weight : 390g
Dimensions : 32.3 mm Diameter x 178 mm Long
3DH4-0L4 3.6v 4.0Ah Ni-Cd battery for use in emergency lighting.
Terminals : Red and black flying leads around 300 mm long
Battery Type: High temperature nickel-cadmium battery (Ni-Cd) for use in emergency lighting.

+ Red wire
- Black wire
Sealed Rechargeable Battery KRMT33/62
3DH4-0L4 3.6v High Temp D CD

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