Duxford Gear Tray Tri-Colour 16W ( ~ 28W 2D ) Emergency / Standard /Motion Sensor

options available: Standard
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The Duxford Gear Tray Range, proudly manufactured in the UK, is designed with multiple mounting points that will fit into any exisiting housings quickly and easily and powder coated to give your fitting added protection and prevent corrosion. 

Choose the required colour temperature at the time of installation with the built-in Tri-Colour feature (3000K, 4000K or 5500K).  

Many options available including Standard, Emergency, Self Test Emergency, Motion Sensor, Motion Sensor Emergency, Motion Sensor Self Test Emergency, Photocell, Photocell Emergency, Photocell Motion Sensor, Photocell Motion Sensor Emergency. 


 Key Features

  • Selectable 3000K, 4000K or 5500K colour temperature
  • Multiple mounting points for retro fit into existing housings
  • Quick release Gear Trays
  • Powder Coated 
  • Self Test Emergency option available
  • Motion sensor options available 

Key Information

Luminous Flux
Colour Temperature
Ø261 x 23.6mm
3 Years

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