OSRAM - OTi DALI 75/220…240/24 1…4 CH

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Product family benefits
  • Intelligent power matching thanks to Smart power supply
  • Slim form factor for mounting on the cove or in linear luminaires
  • Minimized flicker thanks to high PWM frequency
  • Suitable for installation in emergency lighting systems according to EN 60598-2-22
  • Available as Tunable White version (DALI Device Type 8)
  • DALI message detection "LED Module failure"
  • IP rating: IP20
Areas of application
  • Cove lighting, wall washer, corridor, handrail
  • Suitable for use in luminaires of protection class I and II
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for 24 V LED modules
The OSRAM constant voltage power supplies with DALI, enable you to maximize any design’s potential and enjoy flicker-free light due to a high PWM frequency, dimmable to between 0.1 and 100 % with TouchDIM. Use from 1 to 4 channels and benefit from DALI message detection of LED module failure. The slender form of these drivers makes them ideal for use when you need to install LED lighting in tight spaces or linear luminaires, for example in coves, corridors and handrails, or for wall washing. They are suitable for 24 V LED modules and for use with luminaires of protection classes I and II.
Product family features
  • Dimmable via Touch DIM (if supported)
  • LED driver whose output power can be shared arbitrarily among the 2 or 4 channels
  • Dimming range: 0…100 %
  • Line frequency: 0 Hz | 50 Hz | 60 Hz

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