CAP 100uF 280V MST 025

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Power factor capacitors for use in discharge lamp circuits.

# image of 60MFD you will be supplied  100MFD

Main characteristics:

  • Type B, aluminium housing


  • Low inductance
  • Push-in terminal (Wago 214 terminal) or cable (2x0,75mm²)
  • Self-healing ability
  • Overpressure safety break-action mechanism
  • Discharge resistor
  • Requirement a clearance of at least 10mm above
    the terminals to ensure proper activation break action mechanism

Technical data:

Parameter Value
Tolerance of capacitance ±5%
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Relative humidity in capacitor environment at 20÷25°C 75% (annual average)
95% (max value within 30 days)
95% (max value within 30 days)
Service life 30000h
Condensation Not permitted
Dissipation factor (tgd) ≤ 0,0015 at 50Hz/250V
Dielectric strength:
   - between terminals 2U_N/50Hz - 2sec.
   - between terminals connected together and case 2kV / 50Hz - 2sec

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