GE Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp G8.5 Mini Single Ended 20W,35W and 70W

GESKU: MT2083-G8.5-GE

Wattage: 20w
Colour: 3000K
Sale price£25.50



Product information CMH lamps combine HPS technology (providing stability, efficiency & uniformity) and Metal Halide technology (providing bright white quality light) to produce highly efficient light sources with good colour rendering and consistent colour performance through life. This is achieved by using the ceramic arc tube material from the Lucalox lamp, which minimises the chemical changes inside the lamp through life. When combined with the halide doses used in Metal Halide lamps the quality and stability of the dose maintains the colour consistency. Hence the name CMH. Metal halide lamps, traditionally made with quartz arc tubes, are prone to colour shift through life and lamp-to-lamp colour variation. Some of the dose, e.g. sodium, (an important component of metal halide lamps), can migrate through quartz to cause colour shift and loss of light through life. The ceramic arc tube resists this material loss, can be manufactured to tighter tolerances and withstands a higher temperature to provide a more constant colour. Single ended format Single ended Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are designed to provide symmetrical beam distribution using the axial configuration of the discharge arc. A variety of beam angles are possible and adjustable beam control can be built into the luminaire. This compact lamp shape enables luminaire size to be minimised and the bi-pin lamp base enables easy changing with front access. Features • Consistent colour over life • Good colour uniformity lamp to lamp Applications areas • Bright light – in a very compact size • Excellent colour rendition • Improved reliability due to 3 part design • Up to 97 Lumens per Watt (LPW) efficacy • Up to 18,000 hours life • UV control • Colour temperatures 3000K, 4200K DATA SHEET Retail Office Hospitality Showbiz Commercial areas / city beautification / architectural Specification summary Description Wattage Colour Product Code Operating conditions Burning position Universal Luminaire characteristics Enclosed Notes: 1) Lamp voltage in the luminaire should not increase by more than 5V when compared to lamp voltage in free air. 2) Ballast protection required, according to IEC61167. Electrical characteristics * * The specification provides typical performance data for 70W operating from a 50Hz mains sinewave supply at rated power, and for 20w & 35w operating on typical electronic ballast. Actual values depend on ballast, supply voltage and application. 20W to be used only with an electronic ballast. CMH20/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 20 3000K 93095263 CMH35/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 35 3000K 93095264 CMH35/TC/UVC/U/942/G8.5 TU 35 4200K 93095366 CMH70/TC/UVC/U/830/G8.5 PLUS TU 70 3000K 93095265 CMH70/TC/UVC/U/942/G8.5 TU 70 4200K 93095367 20W 35W 35W 70W 70W General Units 3000K 3000K Plus 4200K 3000K Plus 4200K Product code 93095263 93095264 93095366 93095265 93095367 Nominal wattage [W] 20 35 35 70 70 Format Single ended Single ended Single ended Single ended Single ended Bulb type T4.5 T4.5 T4.5 T4.5 T4.5 Bulb material UVC Quartz UVC Quartz UVC Quartz UVC Quartz UVC Quartz Bulb finish Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Arc gap [mm] 3.4 4.7 4.3 6.3 5.5 Base G8.5 G8.5 G8.5 G8.5 G8.5 Lamp power (rated) [W] 20 39 39 72 72 Weighted Energy Consumption [kWh/1000 hrs] 21.78 43.40 44.24 79.20 80.43 Lamp voltage [V] 90 90 90 85 90 Typical voltage change with burning position – vertical to horizontal [V] 8 8 8 8 8 Lamp current [A] 0.226 0.43 0.43 1.01 0.98 Max. ignition voltage [kV] 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 Min. ignition voltage [kV] 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 Extinction voltage (% of rated input voltage) [%] 80 (Max.) 90 (Max.) 90 (Max.) 90 (Max.) 90 (Max.)

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