OM535/T5/TI-EP ELP 11-42w HE T5 Ballast 5 Cell Invertor ELP

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ELP 11-42w HE T5 Ballast - ELP - OM535/T5/TI

The OM range of inverter modules which are referred to as 'Total Isolation' or 5-pole control units (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply).

This inverter is ideal for use with 14W to 35W T5 tubes and 13 to 42W PL-C/T type lamps. A 5 cell battery 4Ah Ni-Cad battery is required for operation of this inverter, as is a status indicator, both these items are not supplied.

The modules fully comply to EN61347 and EN60925.

  • 14 - 35 Watt T5 tubes, 13 - 42 Watt PL-C/T 4 pin lamps
  • Maintained/Non maintained wiring
  • Push type IDC terminals
  • 5 D cell 4Ah Ni-Cad battery required
  • Dims: Height 28mm, W 40mm, D 210mm. Fixing centres 202mm

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