LED Driver 350 to 1400mA ECXe1400.316 186787

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186787 ECL 

70W 350-1400Ma Using Dip Switches 

he LED drivers in the ECX range are so-called constant current drivers. Their role is to stabilize the output current (mA) for the LED module. The output current is stabilized, but the output voltage is variable. For example, the reference driver 186681 stabilizes the current at 700mA, and the output voltage is between 2V and 25V. This driver will therefore be able to power an LED with a power of 1.4W to 17.5W. There are different types of drivers in this range, suitable for all LED applications (residential, shop, industry, public lighting, etc.). The simplest drivers only have one output current (700mA for example). Some other drivers, called multi-current, have several output currents, from 300mA to 1050mA for reference 186763 for example. Several options for selecting the output current exist, and change from one driver to another: - several output connectors on the driver - programmable driver with an additional tool (in NFC) - DIP Switch - selection wheel - etc. ...

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