Liteplan HRN/3 Emergency Invertor Module Only

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The Lite-Plan HRN 3 emergency module invertor to run 1 lamp with a wattage between 4w and 36w. 

Product Details

3-hour Emergency lighting conversion module suited for multiple 4-pin fluorescent lamp wattages and circuits. It includes 4-pole change over relay plus additional 5th pole for HF ballast isolation. Emergency modules can also be used in either maintained or non-maintained systems. In the maintained mode the emergency lighting power supply unit is used in conjunction with the normal ballast or ballasts to ensure the availability of light during normal and emergency conditions.

  • · Non-maintained systems use only the emergency lighting power supply to provide lighting solutions when the mains supply fails.
  • · Designed for use in self contained systems i.e. the emergency lighting power supply unit and its associated battery pack are housed directly in the luminaire.
  • · Low installation costs
  • · Improved safety on account of redundancy
  • · Retrofitting can be carried out at a later date
  • · Can be split into various phases and circuits quite easily.
  • · Mains voltage: 230-240V AC
  • · Charge current: 200mA
  • · Operating Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • · Dimensions: 165x45x29mm (LxWxH)

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