LITEPLAN -NED/3-KIT-LP Liteplan Emergency Kit + Battery

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This is now obsolete please order on the link below for the replacement  kit


Liteplan Emergency Kit + Battery  - NED/3-KIT

LitePlan NED/3-K Module, Battery and Charge LED Indicator from Lite-Plan

Model: NED/3/KIT

Liteplans NED emergency lighting conversion modules carry ENEC approval and BSI kitemark, and have been specifically designed to convert a wide range of LED types. This standard type NED/3 Kit is the natural choice for converting most standard LED luminaires and arrays, containing 2 to 20 LED chips in series. The NED range automatically adjusts to the output current to provide the best match between the battery and load, maximising illumination whilst ensuring great battery duration.

Technical Specifications

Control Gear Type Conversion Module
Accessory Type Ballast
Wattage 5W W
Manufacturer Lite Plan
Dimming? Non-Dimmable
Length 165 mm
Number of LEDs 2-20 (in series)
Type Control Gear
Batteries 3.0V
Batteries 3.6V 4.5Ah NiCd
LED Voltage Range 6-60V
LED Current Limit 320mA
LED Voltage Limit 60V
Bat. Current Limit 1100mA
Mains Supply 230-240V AC 50/60 Hz
Charge Current 200mA Nominal
Recharge Period 24 Hours
Compatible Lamp Type LED
Control Gear Technology LED

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