Module LLE 24mm 650lm HV ADV5 89603189

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Product description

  • Ideal for linear and panel lights
  • 2 terminals for serial wiring
  • Perfectly uniform light, even if several LED modules are used together in a line
  • Push terminals for quick and simple wiring of LED module to LED module
  • Option backside terminal
  • Broad portfolio from extruded lenses and covers available
  • HE ... High Efficiency, NM ... Nominal Mode, HO ... High Output
  • Min. order quantity LLE 24x70mm QTY4: 36 pcs. The LLE 24x70mm QTY4 module contains 4 single 24x70mm modules which have to be separated
  • Long lifetime up to 72,000 hours
  • 5 years guarantee (conditions at

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