Osram QT-M 2x26-42/220-240 Multiwatt

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The Osram QTP-M 2x26-42/220-240 is a Multiwatt non dimmable high frequency ballast to run 2 x 26 w double turn PL-C, 2 x 26, 32 or 42w triple turn PL-T,2 x 18,24,36 or 40w Long Single Turn PL-L, 2 x 22 or 40w Circular, 2 x 24 or 39w High output T5, 2 x18, 24 or 36w F shape Dulux F and a 2 x 18 or 36w T8 compact fluorescent lamp.

Product family benefits
  • Long lamp life
  • No adverse effect from frequent on/off switching
  • Automatic restart after lamp replacement
  • Perfect lamp start for applications with motion sensors
  • Separate installations thanks to optional cable clamp for K2 and K3 casings
  • VDE/VDE EMC certified system
Areas of application
  • Emergency lighting systems acc. to EN 50172 / DIN VDE 0108-100
  • Public buildings
  • Sports halls and factories
  • Suitable for luminaires of protection class I

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