HF-P 1 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V Philips

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HF-Performer II for PL-T/C/R/L/TL5C lamps


HF-Performer II for PL-T/C/R/L/TL5C lamps HF-P 1 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V HF-Performer EII PL-T/C/R/T5c is a sustainable, slim and high-frequency electronic ballast for a wide range of CFL- ni applications. It is ideal for applications where high energy efficiency is required. The HF-Performer EII range has a robust design, meets all relevant international safety and performance standards and is energy-efficient (CELMA EEI A2). Product data General Information Remarks UK importer address: Signify Commercial UK Limited, 3, Guildford Business Park, GU2 8XG Application code EII Type version mk4 Lamp type PL-T/C/L/TL5C Number of lamps 1 piece/unit Number of products on MCB (16 A type B) (nom.) 28 Automatic restart Yes Operating and Electrical Input Voltage 220 to 240 V Input frequency 50 to 60 Hz Operating frequency (max.) - kHz Operating frequency (min.) 42 kHz Operating frequency (nom.) 45 kHz Ignition method Warm Start Crest factor (max.) 1.7 Power factor 100% load (nom.) 0.95 Ignition time (max.) 0.52 s Mains voltage performance (AC) -8%-+6% Mains voltage safety (AC) -10%-+10% Earth leakage current (nom.) 0.5 mA Inrush current width 0.25 ms Constant wattage deviation -2%/+2% Ballast factor (nom.) 1 Power losses (nom.) 2.86-2.66 W Inrush current peak (max.) 18 A Wiring Connector type input terminals Insert Cable capacity output wires mutual (nom.) 200 pF Datasheet, 2021, March 18 data subject to change Lighting Lighting Connector type output terminals Insert Cable length hot-wiring 0.75 m Wire strip length 7.5-8.5 mm Dual fixture master/slave Not applicable [ Master/Slave oper. not applicable] Input terminal cross section 0.50-1.50 mm² Output terminal cross section 0.50-1.50 mm² Cable capacity output wires to earth (nom.) 200 pF System characteristics Rated ballast-lamp power 22-42 W Rated lamp power on PL-T/C 22/42 W Temperature T-ambient (max.) 50 °C T-ambient (min.) -25 °C T storage (max.) 80 °C T storage (min.) -40 °C T-case lifetime (nom.) 75 °C T-Case maximum (max.) 75 °C T-Ignition (max.) 50 °C T-Ignition (min.) -25 °C Emergency Operation Battery voltage lamp ignition 198-254 V Battery voltage lamp operation 176-254 Approval and Application Energy efficiency index A2 IP classification IP 20 [ Ingress Protection 20] EMI 9 kHz ... 30 MHz EN55015 EMI 30 MHz ... 1,000 MHz EN55022 level B Safety standard IEC 61347-2-3 Performance standard IEC 60929 Quality standard ISO 9000:2000 Environmental standard ISO 14001 Harmonic current emission standard IEC 61000-3-2 EMC immunity standard IEC 61547 Vibration standard IEC68-2-6 F c Bumps standard IEC 68-2-29 Eb Humidity standard EN 61347-2-3 clause 11 Approval marks CE marking ENEC certicate VDE-EMV certicate Temperature marking Yes Emergency standard IEC 60598-2-22 Humming and noise level Inaudible Product Data Full product code 871150091397530 Order product name HF-P 1 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V EAN/UPC – product 8711500913975 Order code 91397530 Local code HFP12242PLT/C/L SAP numerator – quantity per pack 1 Numerator – packs per outer box 12 Material no. (12 NC) 913700630766 SAP net weight (piece) 0.140 kg Dimensional drawing HF-P 1 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V Product D1 C1 A1 A2 B1

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