TCI 55w 1050ma MaxiJolly HC BI Dali Dimmable LED Driver (122417)

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This is a TCI 55w 1050mA MaxiJolly Dali dimmable constant current LED driver. The full features list is as follows:

•Multipower driver supplied with dip-switch for the selection
of the output current.
•IP20 independent driver, for indoor use
•Class I protection against electric shock for direct or indirect
contact (DC MAXI JOLLY HC/2 DALI).
•Driver for built-in use (DC MAXI JOLLY HC DALI BI).
•It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I.
•Active Power Factor Corrector.
•Analogical input (NTC) for thermal sensor connection.
•Auxiliary output 12 V max. 100 mA.
•Current regulation ±5 % including temperature variations.
•Input and output terminal blocks on the same side
(wire cross-section up to 1,5 - 2,5 mm2
/ AWG15 - AWG13).
•Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables
with diameter: min. 3 mm - max. 8 mm (DC MAXI JOLLY HC/2
- against overheating and short circuits;
- against mains voltage spikes;
- against overloads.
•Thermal protection = C.5.a.

Operation mode:

Operation Mode
•Light regulation 0/0,5 - 100 % by means of PUSH function, 0/1...10 V interface
(I=1 mA) or 100 Kohm potentiometer and DALI.
•Features DALI dimming:
- memory function for sets or light groups;
- recall of stored functions;
- compatible with standard DALI interfaces.
•Light regulation 0/0,5 - 100 % by means of PUSH function (mains voltage):
- a short push to turn on and off;
- a longer push to increase or decrease light intensity;
- regulation automatically stops at minimum and maximum values;
- for another on, regulation or off command, release the push button and give
the desired command again.
- dimming level memory at mains restore.
•Possibility to use PUSH function to 4/5 drivers without sync cable.
•Maximum length of the cable, from push button to last driver, must be
max. 15 m / 49 ft. In case of applications where the cable is longer than
15 m / 49 ft, keep this separate from the 110 - 240 Volt mains cable.
•ATTENTION: only use normally open push buttons with no incorporated
warning light.
•Specific dimming terminal connection with a 0/1...10 Vdc electronic
potentiometer (0/1…10 V local dimming, double insulation required for
external connection).
•Max. 10 synchronised drivers of which only one can be controlled
(1 Master + 9 Slaves).
•Synchronization cable is separately supplied.

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