LD16CO100-KIT Emergency Inverter & Bat 3Hr 5x 4Ah Nimh

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Emergency Inverter & Bat 3Hr 5x 4Ah Nimh - LD16CO100-KIT


LD-CO Range TECHNICAL DATA: 04/2016 LED Module and Arrays Emergency Equipment Easy conversion of all modern LED luminaires The ELP LD-CO emergency LED control gear allows maintained operation of high power LED modules or arrays, when utilizing the standard mains voltage LED control gear in-line with the emergency LED control gear. LD-CO Kits incorporate the appropriate LD-CO driver/charger module, high temperature Nickel Cadmium (or Nickel Metal Hydride) battery, required connectors and charge indicator. In the event of a mains failure, an integral relay disconnects the LED lighting load from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear which operates the LED module/array at constant power providing a precise Emergency Ballast Lumen Factor throughout the entire duration of 3 hours. The various high power LED modules utilise different arrays of LEDs connected in series or a combination of series and parallel and there will be an ideal LD-CO kit to suit any of these. Each LD-CO module is configured for a maximum forward voltage and an optimum operating current. The LD-CO modules will operate any LED requiring a forward voltage below the maximum rating of the module. However, for best performance it is recommended that the LD-CO module with the rated forward voltage closest to the LED rating is selected. NB: Accurate selection of the best module for any given LED can easily be checked on the product selector at: www.elp.uk.com Note: For versions offering Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI control and reporting fuctions please refer to the LDpro range. ORDER CODES FOR KITS To ensure the best operation of each type of high power LED module/array the correct LD-CO equipment should be selected. The following codes should be used to order the appropriate module and battery for the following LED Modules and Arrays: LED Nominal number of LEDs in series Change-Over Operating Current (mA) Kit Battery Tube (/TU option) LD9CO100KTU LEDs WITH FORWARD VOLTAGE <23.5V LD8CO300K (High output) e.g. Xicato XSM 400-1300 lumen LEDs WITH FORWARD VOLTAGE <33.0V LD9CO100K e.g. DLM Flex Range 1100 lumen, Bridgelux ES Range and Citizen CL Range LEDs WITH FORWARD VOLTAGE <56.0V LD16CO100K e.g. Xicato XSM 2000-3000 lumen LEDs WITH FORWARD VOLTAGE <90.0V LD32CO50K e.g. Osram PrevaLED 2 LEDs WITH FORWARD VOLTAGE <200.0V LD64CO22K e.g. Osram PrevaLED Linear Fit D Notes: Kits will be supplied with Nickel Cadmium batteries unless NiMH batteries are specified (see ‘number and types of cells’). /TU Option offers the battery sealed in a tube making the whole kit suitable for remote mounting. LD-CO modules only provide emergency lighting operation; standard mains drivers are required for maintained operation. LDCODS-04-16 /TU Battery tube option SPECIFICATION Section Subject Plastic housed module Protection against electric shock SELV equivalent (except LD32 and LD64) Ingress protection IP20 Environmental Module rated operating ambient temperature) -20 to 50°C Battery rated operating ambient temperature 0 to 50°C Maximum case temperature 65°C Rated voltage supply 220/240 VAC Mains frequency 50/60 Hz Mains supply current 15mA Mains supply power 3.6W Mains operation Power factor 0.6 Indicator LED 2 wire Green colour Maximum power that can be switched via relay contacts 125VAC/90W Maximum current that can be switched via relay contacts 1A 125VAC/3A 30VDC Maximum voltage that can be switched via relay contacts 250VAC/220VDC Emergency duration 1 or 3 hours Battery chemistry type NiCd or NiMH Number and type of cells LD22CO50K and LD9CO100K 5 x 2Ah NiCd sub-C cells LD16CO100K , LD32CO50K and LD64CO22K 5 x 4Ah NiCd D or 4Ah NiMH C cells LD8CO300K 6 x 4Ah NiCd D or 4Ah NiMH C cells Battery recharge period <24 hours Battery charge current LD22CO50K and LD9CO100K 100mA LD16CO100K, LD8CO300K , LD32CO50K and LD64CO22K 160mA Battery discharge current LD22CO50K and LD9CO100K 500mA at 6.0V LD16CO100K, LD32CO50K and LD64CO22K 1000mA at 6.0V Emergency operation LD8CO300K 1000mA at 7.2V Module output current LD64CO22K 22mA LD22CO50K and LD32CO50K 50mA LD16CO100K and LD9CO100K 100mA LD8CO300K 300mA Module output voltage LD8CO300K 11.5V to <23.5V LD9CO100K 9V to <33V LD16CO100K 33V to <56V LD22CO50K 33V to <56V LD32CO50K 56V to <90V LD64CO22K 90V to <200V BLF/EBLF — dependant on LED module type 0.12 to 0.25 Outside dimensions (L)178mm x (W)30mm x (H)21mm Mechanical Fixing centres 174mm Electrical connections Push wire terminals EN61347-1, EN61347-2-7 and EN61347-2-13 Yes EN62384 Yes Standards compliance EN55015 Yes EN61547 Yes Marks CE Yes Note: Values are subject to change. Emergency Lighting Products Limited Parbrook House, Gillmans Industrial Estate, Natts Lane Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9EZ Telephone: +44 (0) 1403 786601 Fax: +44 (0) 1403 786602 e-mail:sales@elp.uk.com www.elp.uk.com TECHNICAL DATA: 04/2016 LED Module and Arrays Emergency Equipment All details and specifications shown in this document are deemed correct at time of publication. The right to modify equipment, change specifications and instructions without notice, is reserved as part of the Emergency Lighting Products Limited policy of continuous development and improvement. We endeavour to keep all our customers informed of any alterations as and when they occur. LDCODS-04-16

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