TRIDONIC - EMPOWERLED1B-TR Emergency LED 1w Basic 1-3h 350Ma 89899858

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Emergency LED 1w Basic 1-3h 350Ma - Tridonic - 89899858

Product description

  • Emergency lighting LED Driver for manual testing
  • For self-contained emergency lighting
  • SELV for output voltage < 60 V DC
  • Low profile casing (21 x 30 mm cross-section)
  • 5 years guarantee


  • Mains and emergency operation
  • Constant current mode
  • With either screw or clip fastening (clip-fix)
  • 1, 2 or 3 h rated duration
  • Selectable operating time (jumper)
  • Green charge status display LED
  • Output power limitation
  • Automatic restart after LED replacement
  • Electronic multi-level charge system
  • SELV classified (outputs powerLED, battery, status LED, test switch)
  • Polarity reversal protection for battery
  • Deep discharge protection
  • Very low energy consumption from the battery after activation of the deep discharge protection
  • Short-circuit-proof battery connection
  • Emergency lighting LEDs available


  • High-temperature cells 2 Ah
  • NiMH batteries
  • Cs cells
  • 4 year design life
  • 1 year guarantee
  • For battery compatibility refer to data sheet

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