PC228T5COMBO-TR 2X 21/28w T5 Combo Ballast 89899882

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2X 21/28w T5 Combo Ballast - Tridonic - 89899882

Product description • Combination of electronic ballast and emergency lighting unit • For T5 fluorescent lamps • Low-profile casing (21 x 30 mm cross-section) • For manual testing of the emergency lighting function • 5-year guarantee Properties • Lightweight one-part emergency lighting unit • Simple wiring • No compatibility problems • 1or 3 h rated duration • Selectable operating time (jumper) • Lamp warm start in normal operation • Cathode heating in emergency mode • AC operation of all lamps • Automatic restart after relamping in normal operation • Green charge status display LED • Intelligent Voltage Guard (overvoltage indication and undervoltage shutdown) • Optional test switch • Checking the emergency lighting function by interrupting the unswitched phase • IDC (insulation displacement connection) • Electronically controlled battery charging • Deep discharge protection • Short-circuit-proof battery connection • Polarity reversal protection for battery Batteries • High-temperature cells • NiCd or NiMH batteries • D, Cs or LA cells • Blade terminals for simple connection • 4-year design life • 1-year guarantee • For battery compatibility refer to chapter „Ballast-Lumen-Factor

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