Tridonic PCA 2x58 T8 ECO lp xitec II

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The Tridonic PCA 2x58 T8 ECO lp xitec II is a dimmable high-frequency ballast to run: 2 x 58 Watt 5ft T8 G13 type fluorescent tubes.
Tridonic article number: 28000041
Additonal information: 
Processor-controlled ballast with xitec II inside
Highest possible energy class CELMA EEI = A1 BAT (See Tridonic Website Here)
Noise-free precise control via DALI or DSI signal, switchDIM or corridorFUNCTION
Nominal life-time up to 100,000 h (at ta 50 °C with a failure rate ? 0.2 % per 1,000 h)
Multilamp management
OEM-specific reserved memory areas
5-year guarantee

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