PCA23549T5ECO-TR 2X35/49w T5 lp 2185097

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Digital Dimming Ballast to run 2 X 35/49w T5 tubes - PCA 2x35/49 T5 ECO - 22185097

Product description

  • Processor-controlled ballast with xitec II inside
  • Highest possible energy class CELMA EEI = A1 BAT (1)
  • Noise-free precise control via DALI or DSI signal, switchDIM or corridorFUNCTION
  • Nominal lifetime up to 100,000 h (at ta 50 °C with a failure rate ≤ 0.2 % per 1,000 h)
  • Multilamp management
  • OEM-specific reserved memory areas
  • 5 years guarantee


  • DALI
  • DSI
  • switchDIM (with memory function + selectable dimming rate)
  • corridorFUNCTION (3 preprogrammed profiles)
  • Integrated SMART interface for function with SMART Sensor 5D 19f and corridorFUNCTION plugs


  • Intelligent Temperature Guard (overtemperature protection)
  • Intelligent Voltage Guard (overvoltage indication and undervoltage shutdown)
  • Optimum filament heating in any dimmer setting
  • Disconnection of filament heating from a dimming level of approx. 90 % for maximum energy efficiency (SMART-Heating concept)
  • corridorFUNCTION with ambient light control
  • Automatically triggered emergency lighting value in DC mode, 15 %
  • For emergency lighting systems as per EN 50172
  • Automatic start after replacement of defective lamps
  • Automatic shutdown if the lamp is faulty

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