YCX5.0 Yuasa 12v 5.0A 8-Stage Smart Charger, Now a YCX6

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Voltage12VLength (mm)230Width (mm)118Height (mm)115Weight (kg)1.3Static Datasheet locationYuasa_YCX_Charger_Manual_YCX6_YCX12_v3.pdf

  • Fully automatic 9 stage charging and maintenance process refined by GS Yuasa engineers for unrivalled battery care.
  • Developed using GS Yuasa’s world leading battery manufacturing expertise to extend battery life, maintain performance and provide ultimate reliability.
  • Trade rated charger trusted and widely used by workshops and technicians.
  • Self-activating maintenance mode sustains optimum state of charge during battery storage.
  • Charges batteries faster thanks to a higher power output than comparable models.
  • Optimum charging performance for lead acid conventional, Start-Stop, EFB, AGM, lithium and gel battery types.
  • Charge and maintain 12V batteries, even from flat. Charge up to 120Ah and maintain up to 180Ah.
  • Automatic battery diagnosis with patented rejuvenation phase to break down sulphation.
  • Detects and communicates charging faults caused by battery problems.
  • The only vehicle battery charger you will ever need, with selectable power output levels to cover the widest range of battery capacities.
  • Automatic maintenance with power saving eco mode sustains optimum state of charge during battery storage.
  • Enhanced safety features, including short circuit, overcharging and reverse polarity protection for ultimate peace of mind.*
  • Durable splashproof (IP44) construction with robust integrated clamp and eyelet connectors.
  • Easy to use with simple navigation buttons and clear LED indicators.

*Power supply mode does not offer reverse polarity protection




Yuasa Smart Chargers give your battery a longer and more powerful life.
Advanced, Fully automatic charging in 8 stages.
12v 5.0A 6-Stage Smart Charger YCX5.0
-Safe and easy to use
-Connect and forget
-Unique 8-stage charging
Included :
Cable connector - Crocadile clip lead
Cable connector - Eyelet lead
Input Voltage : 220-240VAC, 50-60Hz - 3 pin UK plug
Charging Voltage : 14.4VDC
Charging Current : 0.8A/5.0A MAX
Ambient Temprature : -20 degrees C to + 50 degrees C
Type of charger : 8-Stage fully automatic charging
Type of Battery charged : 12v Lead Acid Batteries - Wet / GEL / AGM / Ca/Ca
Recommended Battery Size:
Charging : 1.2Ah - 110Ah Batteries
Maintenance charging : 1.2 - 160Ah batteries
Designed for saftey
Does not damage sensitive electronics
Spark proof, reverse-polarity protection and short circuit proof.
Uniquie 8-Stage Charging program
1 - Desulphation
2 - Soft Start
3- Bulk
4 - Absorption - Ready to use
5 - Analyse
6 - Recond
7 - Float - Fully charged
8 - Pulse - Maintenance charging

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