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HELVAR - L13D-HE 1x10w PLC - 1x13w T5 2x5w PLS S/Start
Helvar L30A-P Choke
Helvar Helvar L30A-P Choke
Sale price£8.50
HELVAR - EL2X58HF-HE High Frequency 2x58w T8 Ballast
Helvar EL 1x58 ngn
Helvar Helvar EL 1x58 ngn
Sale price£10.76
Helvar L15A Choke
Helvar Helvar L15A Choke
Sale price£9.59
HELVAR - L20A-HE 15-20W Magnetic CFL Ballast
Helvar L75A-S Choke
Helvar Helvar L75A-S Choke
Sale price£12.00
HELVAR - L36A-HE 1x36-40w Obsolete please see below
Helvar 100w/125w Switch Start Choke L100TE61Helvar 100w/125w Switch Start Choke L100TE61
EL2x58ngn Helvar  ( replaces the EL2X58HF )
HELVAR - L16D-HE 1x16w 2D ChokeHELVAR - L16D-HE 1x16w 2D Choke
Helvar EL3/4x24 ngn5
Helvar Helvar EL3/4x24 ngn5
Sale price£14.50
Helvar EL2x80 ngn5
Helvar Helvar EL2x80 ngn5
Sale price£28.52
Helvar EL1x49 ngn5
Helvar Helvar EL1x49 ngn5
Sale price£5.39
Helvar EL 1x58HF / Helvar EL1x58s ** Now EL1x58NGN **
Helvar EL 1x36/40/18HF / Helvar EL1x36/40/18s
Helvar EL S 1x39/36HF / Helvar EL 1x39/36s
Helvar EL SC 2x36HFC / Helvar EL 2x36sc

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